Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Massage parlors in Costa Rica: Part 1

Costa Rica is the best known place for sex tourism on the American continent. The country is just fabulous with all year warm weather, pristine beaches, excellent food, friendly people and some of the prettiest girls on the continent. The country has seen an explosion of sex tourists and like Thailand there has seen a sudden increase of clubs, discos, and massage parlors.

In the massage parlors, it is not your back and neck that gets the relief but the organ located in between your legs.

All over the capital, San José, brightly lit massage parlors have blossomed. While some are bona fide massage parlors, the majority do not offer muscle relaxation but penile stimulation. The parlors are staffed by some of the best looking women in the country with sexy outfits.

Once you see these erotic felines, it is you who will jump to give them a massage. The parlors open early in the morning and close when the last customer has been satisfied.

Most massage parlors have a dozen or more gorgeous and voluptuous looking ladies who know nothing about physical therapy but know a lot how to titillate your erogenous zones. Most women are under 25 and have a lot of silicone.

While some women charge $30 -$40 per hour depending on the clients wants and needs, many other parlors away from the city charge a lot less. For the females, it is an unfortunate choice and the only way to make money in a harsh world.

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